Fleming Clothing was founded in 2010 with a bold idea that consumers would want to design their own children's clothes and preview them on a website.  I have never been more proud of the team and the work that we did to make Fleming Clothing work.  It was an instant hit.  Our story is on a pause right now.  This website is to hold our place, display all the hard work, and let people know we still care.

Currently Fleming Clothing is on hiatus.  We wanted to keep this space to allow friends of the brand to reach us and all the people who put in so much heart and soul to make it happen have a place to show off their work.

The story will continue ... but this was the story of how we were founded.

An unopened box.

That's how it started really.  My mom died the previous winter and the year to follow was one of the hardest I've ever been through. It was a year full of grief and getting things in order.  I'd put off going through her things.  A lot of memories. In one of the last rooms of the stuff to be sorted I found it. If it had been open, been used, I probably wouldn't have paid much attention. It would have been just another thing Mom collected over the years.  Being unopened meant it one of the things she wanted to do and didn't have time for. I don't know where she got it from, whether it was a gift or she bought it herself. Mom almost always bought the best she could and this was not a top- of-the-line machine. It was Simplicity. A Simplicity Star Performer. A sewing machine. I took it home and soon started sewing.

My first efforts were nothing to write home about but I took sewing classes and soon was making a lot of my daughter’s clothes. It was more fun than I can say.  Friends and family started putting in requests and when someone I didn't know wanted to buy a dress I’d made I knew I was on to something. My husband and I researched and explored the children’s clothing market looking for places we could stand out.

 I'm from eastern North Carolina, a state which was once the country's leading area for textile manufacturing but that industry fell on hard times with cheap overseas competition. We wanted to keep things local, in our state and in our country.  People we talked to said we couldn't do that. It would cost too much. China.  Peru. That's where you have to go. But we found other companies around the country working locally, keeping business at home. We knew we could do it too.


Fleming Samuels, founder, was featured in Walter Magazine December 2014.

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I am more than excited to feature my Friday designer today because she is one of the most talented, vivacious, individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and I am happy to call her my friend. Fleming Harris Samuels is the newest children’s clothing designer on the block with her vintage inspired Fleming Clothing. Samuels design background runs in her blood with Stuart Walston a renowned designer as grandfather to fuel her passion for beautiful prints and textures at a young age. After pursuing a degree in Fine Arts and owning an Art Gallery in Beaufort, NC Fleming moved to the Raleigh, NC area, found the love of her life starting a family of her own...the rest they say is history.